Binance Smart Chain told about a wave of attacks by “well-organized hackers”

Representatives of Binance Smart Chain (BSC) announced attacks by “well-organized hackers” on DeFi projects in the ecosystem and named several steps to improve security and reduce the risks of hacking.

Recently, attackers have carried out more than eight attacks on projects in BSC using instant loans.

The BSC team called on the developers to re-audit.

“If the project is a fork, double and triple check the changes relative to the original version,” the message says.

BSC asked developers to take additional risk control measures and monitor suspicious actions in real time. In case of detection of such, it is necessary to suspend the work of the protocol, representatives of the ecosystem said.

They also called for a preliminary contingency plan to be drawn up and a bounty program to identify vulnerabilities to be launched.

Recall that in May, several DeFi projects based on BSC – PancakeBunny, BurgerSwap and Julswap, as well as Belt Finance — suffered from hacker attacks at once.